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Games To Help Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most enjoyable but also one of the most agonizing experiences that folk undergo. It brings with it the whiff of romance and eternal exhilaration, but often you get a pack of thorns instead.

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How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

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Men are right. The “relationship talk” does not help. Dr. Patricia Love’s and
Dr. Steven Stosny’s How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It
reveals the stunning truth about marital happiness:

Love is not about better communication.
It’s about connection.

You’ll never get a closer relationship
with your man by talking to him like you
talk to one of your girlfriends.

Male emotions are like women’s sexuality:
you can’t be too direct too quickly.

There are four ways to connect with a man:touch, activity, sex, routines.

Men want closer marriages just as much as women do,but not if they has to act like a…

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

How does one Guarantee Your Marriage Is a Bed of Roses and not Thorns?

One of the main ingredients that a happy wedding needs is a willingness to come to a compromise. But that is much more troublesome than it appears. Everyone will agree that they have to compromise, but what happens when the issue is not a simple and small one? What then? Who Compromises first? I’m absolutely sure you must have announced to oneself at 1 time or another that enough is enough. You will no longer be the patsy. You are an independent person and your better half has crossed the line. Maybe.

Perhaps your relationship has expired and you are just beginning to realize it. Perhaps your sensibilities are rather more obsessed than romantic. Perhaps you no longer love her.

Stop being a fool!

What if I was to tell you that the answer to your marriage strife isn’t divorce. Am I loony?

Look round. How many divorces did you know? Lots. Me too. But are they actually happier off?

What’s the first thing that a divorced person does? He or she goes out and starts looking for partners.

Isn’t that bizarre? No. You are saying that everyone needs someone to like. Perhaps. I say that they had that someone and they just allow them to go. So please stop being foolish.

Why not tackle your Problems with a straightforward suggestion? A Game.

Games as a Peace Maker :

Playing brings out the kid in us and causes us to express more than we usually would. We also release suppressed disappointment and let go of psychological thorns in our outbursts of joy and pain as we win or lose. Games unite people together and thus I recommend playing together but if you want one can play against the other. The game turns into a battle but only this time, after its over, you will both feel refreshed from losing all that pent up pain and fury.

Games to pick From :

Try picking games that you both like or at the very least rather active ones. You might even play hide and seek in the house or something else. If you do like playing cards, pick a game which does not go on for long and which needs some thinking like hearts, poker, bridge or rummy. Keep score and determine before hand the loser has to do something for the winner. Chores isn’t a prize for the winner! If you lose you have got to do something that the other person wants for themselves like give them their favourite massage or cook them their favorite meal.

Conclusion :

Games are a welcome ambrosia to like and will excite you as a couple to disregard all of your irritations and anger and deal only with the good. The anger and annoyances will not magically vanish, but now you can handle them together quietly and in a good mood.

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